Interior I Collagraphs

After a brief introduction to etching Evan Summer began making collagraphs. He began mostly by chance. He wanted to make an embossed print from a deeply etched zinc plate. Harvey Breverman, the printmaking professor at SUNY Buffalo, suggested that a plate made of matboard would be both cheaper and easier. This led to experimentation with the collagraph throughout Evan’s undergraduate and graduate studies. It also led to collages, constructed like collagraph plates with the addition of graphite, pastel and acrylic.

Collagraph plates are constructed like collages, usually made of matboard, paper, fabric and other materials. The plates are coated with varnish or acrylic medium to make them impervious to the oil based inks and solvents used in printing and cleaning. They are hand printed on an etching press, usually with intaglio inking.

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Box of Color -- Morpho Butterflies Photographs

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Landscape L Etchings

Evan Summer has been making etchings for 40 years. Most of these deal with architectural and geometric forms in landscape. Other subjects include images from nature.

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largeDSCN1009 Insect Photos

Albrecht Durer drew a stag beetle in 1505. It was rendered with obvious fascination, keen observation and meticulous care. Many other artists, both contemporary and historical, have worked with insects as subjects. I’ve become interested in insects, especially large beetles, for many of the same reasons. They are beautiful and have interesting colors, textures, patterns […]

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